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About Us

ISTANBUL SILAH has been established in 2003 to produce sportive hunting shotguns in IMES, Istanbul, Turkey; in spite of being a new company, the owner Mr. Erol Kurt has 25 years of experience in the sector. During this period, his companies have made tremendous contributions to the national economy by manufacturing and exporting to the USA and worldwide both semi-auto and pump action hunting shotguns in high volumes.

ISTANBUL SILAH has manufactured and marketed semi-auto shotguns with his own registered brands IMPALA, CZ TURKA andMIKADO. Having completed its design and engineering works and having successfully passed testing procedures ISTANBUL SILAH now proudly launch IMPALA PLUS; a new patented semi-auto action shotgun with kinetic system.

With almost 50% growth rates in some years, the company has moved to its new plant of 18,000 m² and by having FACILITY SECURITY CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE and RIFLED FIREARMS PRODUCTION LICENSE it will continue to move forward to supply both hunting shotguns and military firearms.

By having ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and 230 employees, 10% of which engineer and technical team, by having all production and measurement systems, all R&D studies in house, a lot of models and patents, by investing in technology and human resources ISTANBUL SILAH will continue to grow with its quality products and on time deliveries.